Microgaming to Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary With Visual Rebranding

Microgaming, one of the biggest pioneers in the iGaming industry, has announced that it will enter a new era with a full visual rebranding to its corporate website as well as the PlayItForward sites. According to the company’s official statement, the rebranding signifies the start of a “transformative journey,” which will see the provider returning to its roots. 

The Visuals Will Have a Huge Focus on the Company’s People

In the statement, Microgaming noted that the name and the logo will remain untouched. In its words, they are a symbol of “the company’s legacy and the 30 years of evolution.” However, the new visual elements will include a new contemporary look and “a major focus on its people.” 

Alex Wilson, the head of marketing at Microgaming, shared a few words on this development. He said that everyone at Microgaming is excited to share the news and that the rebranding will bring much more than a “breathe fresh visual life.” He added that the new visuals will allow the company to come back to its roots and at the same time, celebrate the people who helped it climb to the top. 

He ended by saying that the rebranding is set to promise a fresh start and allow Microgaming to enter a new chapter in its development. 

Microgaming’s statement notes that the changes are a result of a process that was started by Games Global. In 2022, Games Global purchased several of Microgaming’s key assets, including the online games portfolio and the distribution business. 

As a final note, the provider noted that the new visuals and the celebration will take place in June this year. 

Microgaming’s CEO, Stephen Fisk, hinted at the steps towards the roots in September 2023. After the company sold Quickfire to Quickfire, Fisk said that the provider would focus more on its small circle of core partners. 

Back then, Fisk said that even though Microgaming developed various poker and bingo networks over time, it always “retained an identity” around its full platform product. Fisk also added that its platform business is what made the company successful in the first place. 

Microgaming Doubled Down on Responsible Gambling In the End of 2023

As one of the oldest iGaming providers in the world, Microgaming continued to acknowledge the importance of responsible gambling. In late 2023, the company released a statement in which it listed all of the safer gambling charities it supported. 

These included Ygam, Gordon Moody, the Beacon Counselling Trust, Betknowmore UK and Motiv8 Addiction Services. Its activities included producing educational videos and improving their digital infrastructure and websites.

Sarah Campbell, Microgaming’s director of compliance, stated that safer gambling and responsible gambling are in the provider’s DNA. She added that Microgaming takes huge pride in supporting organizations that are able to reach more at-risk players. 

She also said that Microgaming is extremely pleased with its projects and the relationships it formed with charitable partners over the years. Campbell ended by saying that together, they create a safer and more responsible gambling environment for everybody. 

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