GAMOMAT Returns From The International Gaming Awards With The Great Place to Work Award

GAMOMAT is one of the leading software providers in the iGaming industry, and more recognition has come its way, and this time, not for its casino games! 

Just recently, at the International Gaming Awards, GAMOMAT took home the Great Place to Work Award. This exclusive ceremony was again held at the stunning Savoy Hotel, with all the leaders in the iGaming world present.

A Diverse and Inclusive Working Environment

One of the biggest compliments you can give to any organization is that it excels in fostering a workplace that lies on the principles of leadership, fairness, and employee well-being. 

Therefore, this recognition is not just a plaque GAMOMAT’s executives will put on the wall – it is a mere reflection of the company’s determination to its people.

Alexandra Krone, the Managing Director of GAMOMAT, was evidently proud of the award. Straight after winning the award, she was quick to articulate her pride in GAMOMAT’s effort to provide cultural diversity within the company.

She notes that they have worked very hard to create a working environment where everyone feels valued, so the focus on diversity goes beyond just inclusion.

A Culture of Appreciation and Trust

The aforementioned values-based culture is the cornerstone upon which GAMOMAT works. By fostering such a culture, the company undoubtedly incentivizes employees to think outside the box, and be creative – thus pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the iGaming world!

We also cannot neglect employee wellbeing. GAMOMAT offers a comprehensive healthcare package to its people. A very strong emphasis is put on mental health, as the executives know that a healthy workforce will inevitably be a very productive one.

What also attracts the best talent in the online gambling world to work at GAMOMAT is the company’s understanding of the work-life balance importance. 

As part of the incentives to encourage employees to maintain a balanced lifestyle, GAMOMAT offers flexible working arrangements and time off for everyone who needs to recharge.

An Example For Everyone To Follow

Overall, we believe we can all agree that the dedication to cultural diversity and employee wellbeing, means that GAMOMAT sets a new standard for all other companies to follow – and we are not talking just about the iGaming scene!

The Great Place to Work Award at the International Gaming Awards is a well-deserved acknowledgement of GAMOMAT’s efforts, and it is a powerful reminder to everyone that employees must come first.

As for the products themselves, we have no doubts that GAMOMAT will continue providing innovative and engaging slot games – as it has to this day!

GAMOMAT has an impressive game catalogue to its name. The company is credited for releasing more than 150 online slots for online and social casinos. You can find GAMOMAT’s games in more than 35 countries in the world, and titles are available in 27 languages.

Its transition to the online gambling sector has been smooth, and we cannot wait to see what the 80+ professionals working behind the scenes at GAMOMAT have in store next!

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