A Promotional Tool by 3 Oaks Gaming Sets the Market on Fire

The young software provider 3 Oaks Gaming had a breakthrough year in 2023. This is so thanks to its strong gaming portfolio, which features slots and promotional tools that target players worldwide. 

This gaming developer entered 2024 with a Flip to Win tool that proved to be one of its most successful releases. It featured some impressive stats that showcased all over a number of facets. 

How Does Flip to Win Work?

According to Maria Osyka, 3 Oaks Gaming’s Promo Marketing Lead, promotional tools have a very important place on the market. For her, a successful promo tool must be unique so it can stand out in a saturated environment. She compared it with new online slot game releases.

Many tools will keep producing without any remarkable distinction, which is what makes Flip to Win so unique. Osyka looks at it as an emblem of how a tool can attract the players while also keeping it fast and relevant.

Flip to Win is a proprietary in-game bonus engine that guarantees prizes that it randomly generates. All of this is for the purpose of rewarding players through their gaming sessions.

There will be a trio of cycles that will take the players on a quick adventure. They will get back to the main game after the initial flip, which repeats the sequence twice more. It comes with the ability to improve players’ acquisition and retention.

This is something that can offer an unforgettable gaming experience. Since its appearance on the market, the tool enjoyed some incredible results, gaining more and more strength.

The Positive Results Across Several Indicators

Just two hours after the initial launch of the campaign, the Average Rounds and Average Bets indicators went through the roof. These indicators of the promo winners indicated an increase of 143% in the Average Rounds and 127% in the Average Bets.

The developer concluded that participation in the Flip to Win campaign has a positive effect on the length of the gaming session. This comes after they compared a player’s session to the following week. As part of the comparison, they made sure to use the same number of hours by the Average Rounds indicator.

With this new tool in the main focus, the average gaming session duration indicator reveals some amazing news. The length of time players stuck to their gaming session extended by around 25%. This tool also ensures that the retention increases dramatically.

With these results in place, the effect of the Flit to Win promo tool managed to achieve its goal. This applies in terms of extension of sessions, retention, and bets placed.

The tests show that the tool is primarily affecting important KPI indicators. As short as 3-hour gaming sessions can influence these parameters. This shows a win-win situation for both the software provider and the operator.

The unique nature and the high quality of promotional tools have never been more important than today. Because of that, tools such as Flip to Win can make a big difference in the market.

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